2021 Amazon Contact List

2021 Amazon Contact List | Amazon Appeals

A new year has arrived and thus a need for a 2021 Amazon Contact List update. There was a time when I had over 40 different active email addresses we would use when appealing Amazon. Between keeping track of who you appealed to and what department they allegedly worked in, it was all getting a little overwhelming. Thankfully Amazon has (for the most part) gotten that little Appeal button working. However there are still instances when the teams fail to respond or the appeal button just stops working.

2021 Amazon Contact List

So without further delay here is our updated 2021 Amazon Contact List, hope you don’t need it but if you do I hope it helps.

For general Account Suspensions we are sending Appeals to:


When Amazon’s Appeal teams fail to respond/resolve we send escalations to:


For Listing Suspensions only, when the prior Amazon Appeal teams fail we will contact:


When Amazon Appeals fails to release funds we Appeal to the following teams:



When appealing Amazon “Renewed” listing suspensions we reach out to:


For inventory issues, such as stranded inventory we reach out to:


Lastly for Intellectual Property Dispute retractions must be sent by the Rights Owner to:


It’s not a terribly long list but I can assure you it is an effective one. These are the emails we send our appeals to when helping sellers with various issues. If there are any significant email addresses you believe are missing from this list, share the knowledge and I will update the list.

A special thank you to the Law Offices of Travis Stockman for collaborating with this article. I hope you have found our 2021 Amazon Contact List helpful.

Next we will be discussing Amazon’s response to those impacted in Texas by the inclement weather this past week.

As Always, It Never Hurts To Ask For Help

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