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Amazon Account Rescue is a team of professionals dedicated to helping Amazon sellers in times of need. Each team member has several years of experience navigating the Amazon appeals process, which has allowed us to understand and evolve with the ever growing Amazon platform.

Our experience allows us to respond to emergency situations with prompt and efficient service. Our team understands how detrimental it can be for every minute your account is down, which is why we are dedicated to obtaining account reinstatements. Navigating the Amazon platform takes a level of experience and understanding that many fail to maintain. Amazon policies are constantly being updated and the method in which they review appeals can be extremely complex. Our experience allows us to guide sellers to reinstatement.

We don’t just see it as another seller account, we understand that for many sellers this is their livelihood and treat it as such.

Amazon account rescue founder

Jason Ryan Founder/CEO

Jason is a multifaceted professional and United States Navy Veteran with 15 years’ experience in business management, administration and operations. He started off in this industry at the bottom reviewing appeals. Working his way slowly to the top holding various positions, allowing him to work with not only single seller accounts but also top 100 accounts on Amazon. This unique journey has provided him perspective, not only for what sellers need out of an appeal service but also what Amazon is looking for to resolve conflict. "Whether it's a Mom and Pop shop or a multi-million dollar seller, the goal remains the same: getting our clients back to work as quickly as possible."

Amazon account rescue lawyer

Stockman & Poropat, PLLC

Mr. Stockman has resolved hundreds of intellectual property disputes and maintains a unique knowledge regarding the application of intellectual property on ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. He has helped ecommerce sellers navigate online platforms such as Amazon while ensuring they are in full compliance with the intellectual property laws of the United States. Mr. Stockman has been involved with law for more than a third of his entire life and takes pride in the legal services he provides. It is not just a job, but a passion to assist individuals with their legal needs.

"We don’t just see it as another seller account, we understand that for many sellers this is their livelihood and treat it as such."