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Amazon Account Suspension – When Amazon Fails to Respond

The last thing any Amazon Sellers wants to see is an Amazon Account Suspension Notification, especially in the 4th quarter. However, history has shown that this is the time when a sellers account is most vulnerable. So what do you do when your account is down, your appeal has been submitted and Amazon fails to respond?

Patience is a virtue

Be patient! This may sound like simple advice to give, however for most sellers its difficult to take when business halts. There could be a long road ahead, patience and a sound mind will get you through this.  At Amazon Account Rescue we have seen Amazon take weeks to months to review an appeal(s) and reinstate an account. Just know you are not the first seller to go through this.

Emotional Reactions Hinder Results

Remove emotion from the equation. This is a business, Amazon made the business decision to suspend your account do not react emotionally. We have found not only will this not help your case but it can also hinder it.

Amazon Appeals | How to Move Forward

Now what can you actually do to move things along? Follow up on the submission of the first appeal. Typically after 3 days of no response we will either follow up with a simple request to ensure the initial appeal was received or resubmit the original appeal again. Additionally you can try starting a dialog in the seller forums. You would be surprised how often an Amazon agent will respond. If they do, don’t take this as an opportunity to vent, take the advice given and act accordingly. Quite often they will ask follow up questions to try and assist sellers, be sure to provide the information requested.

For cases that linger on for weeks you can try submitting the appeals to different teams or trying to get someone from the Captive team on the phone with you to discuss the matter. Regardless of who you are interacting with always remember to be patient, remove emotion from the situation and provide Amazon the information they are requesting.

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As Always, It Never Hurts To Ask For Help

Have you received an Amazon Account Suspension or Notification? We here at Amazon Account Rescue are here to discuss these matters with you.

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