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Amazon Appeals Service | Choosing The Service That’s Right For You

When I started writing appeals for Amazon Sellers for what is probably the largest law firm focused on Amazon Sellers I had no clue this job even existed. I had no idea that over half the items sold on the Amazon Marketplace were from 3rd party sellers. In fact at that point I had never even made a purchase on Amazon. Back then everyone in the Appeals industry knew who all the players were and for Sellers there were really only a handful of reputable businesses to choose from. The guys who’s methods weren’t so reputable were just as well known.

Today as I Google Amazon Appeals Service, it seems I see different results and new businesses pop up overnight and then gone the next week as I conduct the same search. It seems there are hundreds of Amazon Appeals Service providers out there now all over the world. So as a Seller in need of help, who do you go to for help?

Check In With The Community

Word of mouth is probably one of the oldest, trusted and most established marking strategies of all time. So you probably don’t need to fix what ain’t broken. Whether its reaching out to fellow sellers on Amazon Services Seller Forums or conducting a Google search for reviews, what others say about their experience is a good indicator of how trusted a company is.

This is of course just the first step in deciding who to partner with for your Seller Account needs. But it’s an important and helpful one.

Communication Is Key

Whether a multi million dollar seller or someone just looking to make some extra cash on Amazon, you want quality service. For some this is their livelihoods, for others perhaps a path to independence from a dead end job. So when you reach out to a Amazon Appeals Service for help you want to know that they are going to be there to assist you.

Going through the intake process for any reputable Appeal provider should be a non committed experience. Meaning no risk to you while you test the waters. This is a great opportunity to see if that provider is the right company for you to partner with. Did they respond to your inquiry quickly, did they pick up the phone when you called? Did it take them days to respond to you or did you hear back from them the same day. This isn’t necessarily an indicator of how the company in general conduct business, but it could be and indicator of how much time they have to focus on your account.

When looking for assistance with your Amazon Account, I think it’s important to find someone you can communicate easily with. Someone with whom you can easily build a rapport and someone who understands your needs and goals.

Don’t Fall For The Gimmicks!

There is a right way and a wrong (perhaps unethical is a better term) to navigate the Amazon Appeals process. There are companies out there that have inside people at Amazon that push a button and are able to obtain reinstatements. You can probably Google these businesses and find they are under indictment and the Sellers they helped probably aren’t selling on Amazon any more.

There are companies that pledge 100% success rate, read the fine print and you’ll find out how they can state that. There are also companies that guarantee reinstatement in 24 hours. Its amazing the claims make to sellers unchecked. The old adage “If it’s sounds too good to be true” is probably the best advice I can provide when looking for an Amazon Appeals Service.

Experience Is A Must

As a Seller learning how to sell on Amazon, finding a product worth selling, calculating profits, locating suppliers. It’s a very daunting task. It’s no wonder so many businesses have been able to form around Amazon with the sole purpose of providing specific services to sellers.

Need to rank a product, there’s a service for that. Create a private label brand, there’s a service for that. Need to get your account back up, there’s a service for that. The Amazon Appeals process changes constantly. With that change there is a consistency in how success is obtained, the rules change slightly but the formula for success really hasn’t.  So when choosing an appeal provider try to go with someone who has a history of success.

It’s A Business Decision

At the end of the day you are asking someone to, in most cases save your business. That is a big responsibility. When someone calls us for assistance with their account, more often than not it is for an account suspension. To me this means loss of income, possible lost jobs for employees, and in extreme cases the possibility that a business could be lost.

So with that ask, there needs to be a level of communication, comfort and trust. Emotion can be a tough component to remove from the equation. If you have read any of my articles pertaining to appeals with Amazon, you’ve heard me say this before. When dealing with Amazon, emotion needs to be put on the back burner. When partnering with an Amazon Appeals Service provider, I think going with your gut may be the best thing you can do.

Be sure to check back with us next week as we discuss Sales Velocity on Amazon.

As Always, It Never Hurts To Ask For Help

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