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ASIN Suspension

ASIN Suspensions are one of the more avoidable issues I see today on Amazon. You just have to be honest with yourself. It also doesn’t  hurt to know Amazon’s ASIN Creation Policies. For those of you who are listing against a pre existing listing a little bit of research and honesty (with yourself) go a long way.

So how can you avoid unnecessary ASIN Suspensions? Easy, make sure the product you are offering matching the detail listing page in every way possible.

Check and Double Check The Listing

When listing a your product against an existing detail listing page you want to ensure the products offered by you and other sellers are identical. Failing to ensure you are offering the same product as listed can lead to ASIN Suspensions, Account Suspensions and Intellectual Property Complaints.

When listing your product:

  • Make sure the product matched the detail listing page exactly.
  • Ensure the packaging matches, if you are selling an identical item in last seasons packaging this can still create issues for your account.
  • Verify the size of the product matches identically (ie ounces or ml).
  • Be sure you are not selling a variant meant to be sold outside the U.S or country of platform you are listing on.
  • Check the model number or manufacturers code to ensure it matches the ASIN (there are various sites that can help you verify).

By failing to ensure your offerings match the detail listing pages exactly you are opening your ASIN and Account up to complaints. Buyers can file complaints of counterfeit, product not as described or inauthentic complaints. Rights Owners can file counterfeit and trademark complaints. Both of which can lead to ASIN Suspensions and Account Suspensions. So be diligent!

Branded vs Generic | Know Your Listings

Not all Brands are as internationally recognized as Nike or Apple. However even small label brands have the same protections as larger brands. So regardless if you have heard of the brand or not, one of the more dangerous moves you can make is listing a generic product against a Branded Listing. Don’t do it, pure and simple.

For Sellers who are selling generic products against generic listings I would caution you. Whether you created the detail listing page or not. If you are selling a generic product be sure to check the listing often. I would go so far as to say check it everyday.

Often small label sellers will start out selling a generic product until they are prepared to launch their branded product. Of course once they are ready they can go on and make edits to the listing, images, etc. Once this happens any other sellers on the listing are now offering a product that is not as described.

So if you are selling a generic product be sure the listing stays that way. If it changes, remove your offering immediately before battling over the listing or trying to make changes. Cause once buyers start to receive your product, if it looks different than the listing, your account will suffer and you will ultimately be the one who has to appeal the matter.

If you are unable to resolve this matter through the normal appeals teams be sure to check out our article on Drafting an Escalation Appeal.

Be sure to check back with us as we discuss Reinstating Your Amazon Account.

As Always, It Never Hurts To Ask For Help

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