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Amazon Inauthentic Complaints

Inauthentic Complaints on Amazon is a very common occurrence.  However, receiving an allegation that your product is not genuine can be alarming for sellers. However, maintaining the proper paperwork and avoiding things such as commingling can prepare you in the event this ever happens. If you have already received such a complaint, this article will contain helpful tips on preparing your appeal to Amazon.

What is an Inauthentic Complaint on Amazon?

An inauthentic complaint is an Amazon violation related to product authenticity. This can be the result of intellectual property infringement for unauthorized sales. Issues with the overall product quality (I can’t count how many times I’ve seen an inauthentic complaint filed for a product that was actually just damaged in shipping).  Listing products that against a detail listing page exactly is also a common issue.

Avoiding Suspension for Inauthentic Complaints

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining invoices to support the genuine nature of your products. The invoice must reflect all product sales made within 365 days of the complaint you received. This way it accounts for all possible products sold, including the one you received a complaint for. You must always ensure the buyer information reflects that of
which you used to set up your Amazon account. Simply put, when buying products, make sure you do it under the name of the account owner or entity which owns and operates the Amazon account. Having the proper paper trail will help you avoid suspension and will serve as protection in the event you receive an inauthentic complaint.

Resolving a Suspension Due to Inauthentic Complaints

Based on the severity of a policy violation, Amazon may take one the following actions if you receive an inauthentic complaint. Amazon may remove your listings, limit, suspend, or block your ability to list and sell. Additionally, they may remove or dispose of your FBA inventory, and withhold your payments. In the event your listing or account is suspended, gather all invoices and prepare a plan of action to see the listing or account reinstated. Preparing a strong appeal is dependent upon three primary factors. Identifying the cause of the complaint, proving how you have corrected it, and providing details on how you will prevent it going forward.


Receiving one of these complaints can be very stressful for sellers. Understanding the contents of your invoice and having a good chain of custody for your goods is critical for sellers. If you found this article helpful, stay tuned as our next post will discuss the implications and remedies for a Condition Complaints on Amazon.

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