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Amazon Related Accounts

When I searched for “Amazon Related Accounts” on Google I didn’t exactly find what I was looking for. Ads for account suspension services, articles about the matter from 2017 and a lot of Seller Forums. What I was looking for is what exactly is Amazon’s policy on the matter. Took a couple searches so I’ll save you the trouble and include the link here.

So what is Amazon’s take on operating multiple accounts? Why do we see so many suspensions for related accounts (linked accounts)? Finally, how do we resolve these matters when Amazon eventually suspends your account for Related Accounts.

Can I Have Multiple Accounts On Amazon?

In short yes. Amazon provides an open ended list siting permissible causes for operating multiple accounts. Providing such examples as:

You own multiple brands and maintain separate businesses for each.

You manufacture products for two distinct and separate companies.

Or you are recruited for an Amazon program that requires separate accounts.

However I am confident there are other acceptable causes for operating multiple accounts. For instance is you are using one account to sell private label products and another account for retail arbitrage, this too would be acceptable. None of this means you won’t see a notification from Amazon claiming Related Accounts along with an Account Suspension. So be prepared and be proactive.

Why Was My Account Suspended For Related Accounts?

Right or wrong there’s always the possibility Amazon will flag your account and suspend it. Leaving you to appeal for its reinstatement. Just because Amazon no longer requires prior approval for operating multiple accounts does not mean its a free for all. For instance:

If your original account is suspended you cannot simply open another account.

You are not able to open multiple accounts in the same region selling the same product line.

If you and a family member want to both operate an account you can not use the same credentials, ie bank account, email, etc.

Additionally if Amazon does suspend your account(s) for Related Accounts or Linked Accounts it is likely all accounts will go down even if there is not issue with the other accounts. The matter will need to be resolved and the account at issue will need to be reinstated before the other accounts are activated.

Appealing A Related Account Suspension On Amazon

Before drafting an Appeal to Amazon I would recommend reading our article on this matter. Once you’ve done that we can begin to focus on the key points that will help you resolve this matter. The first thing we need to decide is was the suspension justified or a mistake on Amazon’s part.

If you do not operate multiple accounts on Amazon you need to try to find a cause for the notice. Do you share a workstation with someone who owns an account on Amazon. Do you use WiFi that could be accessed by another seller or perhaps shares office WiFi, in which case you would be unaware if another Amazon Seller was using the same internet? In short you need to be able to find an explanation and present this to Amazon and then of course make sure you implement changes so the link does not occur again in the future.

If you are operating multiple accounts on Amazon, you need to make sure it is within the parameters they have set forth. If it is not, my advice would be to always go after the first account you opened. In these cases while reinstatement can be difficult, the success we have seen clients have is always with the original account.

If you found this article helpful be sure to check out our upcoming article Used Sold as New Complaints on Amazon.

As Always, It Never Hurts To Ask For Help

Have you received an Amazon Account Suspension or Notification? We here at Amazon Account Rescue are here to discuss these matters with you.

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