Sales Velocity Suspension

Amazon Sales Velocity Suspension

Orders are coming in left and right. Products are flying off the shelves and out the doors. Your store is growing exponentially which should be cause for celebration. Until you receive a notification from Amazon that your account is under review due to your sales velocity. Oh the joys of selling on Amazon, everything you need to know about an Amazon Sales Velocity Suspension can be found here.

Velocity Limit Increases and Account Reviews

As your business grows Amazon will continuously evaluate your store and determine your sales velocity limit (how much your allowed to sell) monthly. Everyone starts with the same limit and depending on a number of factors are allowed to grow or are denied an increased sales limit.

Most stores increase little by little month by month. Say for instance your sales velocity limit was $10,000.00 and after your first month you hit $8000.00 in sales, Amazon is likely to increase your limit. Now say with that same limit you hit $15000.00 in sales. Now that is likely to raise a couple flags and your account will be put on hold for review.

For most new sellers a Sales Velocity Suspension is an unlikely occurrence. However if you have been selling successfully on other platforms. Or you already have a successful private label brand you are selling on other ecommerce sites, a Sales Velocity Suspension is more likely. Due to your prior success and client base you are likely to exceed Amazon’s limits early on.

Amazon Sales Velocity Suspension

For the most part as long as you aren’t doing anything in violation of Amazon’s policies, these suspensions tend to be resolved rather quickly. Like any appeal on Amazon though, the first appeal is the most important. DO NOT PANIC and rush to submit an appeal!

Be sure to review any notifications Amazon sends you thoroughly before reaching out to Seller Support or sending in an Appeal. Review Amazon’s policies on Sales Velocity Suspensions. Combine the two and send Amazon the requested information and only the requested information. The main information Amazon will be looking for is listed below. However, be sure to review Amazon’s communications before sending in your appeal. Sending in the wrong information or missing even one question can lead to delays in your account review.

Expediting the Process

We advise using the template guidelines covered in Drafting Your Amazon Appeal Letter to prepare your Amazon appeal. Amazon will be looking for the following information:

  • How long you’ve been in business
  • The sources of your inventory
  • Anticipated monthly sales on Amazon
  • The availability of items for shipping
  • The address of any retail locations
  • Links to other websites where you are actively selling
  • Tracking information for recently shipped orders
  • Tax ID or Dun and Bradstreet (D-U-N-S) number

Providing Amazon’s Appeals Teams with this information should expedite the review of your account. Be sure to provide all requested information the first time. Tracking information for your orders can be found on the Manage Orders page.

If you are unable to resolve this matter through the normal appeals teams be sure to check out our article on Drafting an Escalation Appeal.

Next week we will be discuss Review Manipulation on Amazon. Be sure to check back.

As Always, It Never Hurts To Ask For Help

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