Condition Complaints on Amazon

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While many Amazon Sellers have near flawless quality controls for their products, other sellers do not. However, even sellers with some of the most secure operations on Amazon find themselves recipients of a condition complaints. This article contains helpful information regarding condition complaints on Amazon and how to resolve them.

What is a Condition Complaint on Amazon?

A condition complaint on Amazon is filed by a customer when they believe the product received is in a condition other than what was listed on Amazon. In most instances, a condition other than new. Amazon describes a new product as “[a] brand-new item. Original manufacturer’s warranty, if any, still applies, with warranty details included in the listing comments. Original packaging is present for most New items but certain items may be re-boxed.”  In the event your product does not comply with this guideline, you may receive a condition complaint. Often this will require a plan of action to resolve.

Understanding Why you Received the Condition Complaint on Amazon

In the event you received a condition complaint on Amazon, understanding why you received it will be the most important aspect of successfully appealing any suspension resulting from the condition complaint. The voice of the customer page found within the performance tab on your Seller Central account can be one of the most helpful tools in resolving these issues. The voice of the customer page consolidates the metrics surrounding the alleged condition defects and provides sellers with examples of the customer complaints received.

Identifying what caused the customer complaint will help to both prepare a strong plan of action and avoid similar complaints. If somebody claimed a fragile item arrived broken, perhaps the seller should consider stronger packaging or adding a form of bubble wrap. Including this information and applying these changes to your business could be the difference between an accepted plan of action and a rejection to reinstate the listing issued by the performance team.


Receiving any complaints can be very stressful for sellers as it effects the metrics of your Account Health. Keeping your Account Health clean is necessary to ensuring a prosperous selling experience on Amazon. Understanding why you received the condition complaint on Amazon will allow you to correct it. As well as prepare the plan of action needed to see your listing reinstated.

Regardless of the issue at hand, Amazon Sellers need to be able to provide a well thought out appeal. Taking the time to provide Amazon with a well thought out appeal, well formatted appeal is crucial. So before sending in that first appeal be sure to check out Drafting Your Amazon Appeal.

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