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Counterfeit Complaints on Amazon | Private Label Sellers

More often than not when we sit down to discuss what Sellers are talking about, it’s the same old topics. Ip Complaints, shipping issues, Amazon’s general unresponsiveness, etc. Every once in a while sellers and Amazon do still surprise us. For instance, counterfeit complaints against Private Label Sellers where Amazon for whatever reason fails to acknowledge the owners of the Brand are not selling counterfeit goods, its their Brand!

Counterfeit Complaints On Amazon Against Private Labels

If you have been selling on Amazon for any substantial length of time Im sure you have either heard of or experienced first hand a Counterfeit Complaint on Amazon. A product arrives to a buyer clearly damaged in shipping, receives a counterfeit complaint.

For Private Label Sellers we tend to see slightly different reasons for these complaints. One issue we have seen that is common is when a Seller decides to change the packaging on their products. When changing over the packaging I imagine and acknowledge there are a lot of moving parts. Sellers want to limit the transition time and do not want to lose any sales in the process of switching packaging. So what we have seen is a seller sending in the product with new packaging before completely selling out of the old product and updating the images.

So now we have buyers looking at an image of a product, purchasing and receiving one of two different packages. The complaints are filed, Amazon suspends the ASIN and than the Account. So our advice, should you find yourself in a similar situation. One, be sure to sell through the product completely. Two, recall any returns from the warehouse that may happen during the transition time. Finally, change the images after selling out and as the new packaging arrives. Maybe your ASIN is not selling at full capacity for day or two. However,  it’s far better than dealing with customer complaints and Amazon Appeals.

Your The Owner Of The Brand, Now Prove It

You’ve received a Counterfeit Complaint on Amazon against your Private Label Product and need to send in an appeal. More often than not this should be a very easy appeal to win. However Amazon being Amazon there is almost always an exception. So what can you do when Amazon fails to accept you are the rights owner.

For Private Label Sellers we will often see the products and labels/packaging can come from two different sources. In this case you may need to submit more than one invoice to prove the products are authentic.

If you have a registered Trademark for your Brand or if the Trademark is pending you can submit this with your appeal. I have often sent in a screenshot of the Trademark from the USPTO with an appeal to prove authenticity of a private label brand.

If you have a website where you sell your Private Label products you can submit this information with the appeal as well. Lastly if your Private Label Brand and your LLC or Business are the same/similar enough in name you can try submitting your business license with the appeal to further strengthen your claim.

Be sure to check back later this week as we will be revealing our updated 2021 Amazon Contact List for Sellers.

As Always, It Never Hurts To Ask For Help

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