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Amazon ASIN Suspension

Amazon | ASIN Suspension

ASIN Suspension ASIN Suspensions are one of the more avoidable issues I see today on Amazon. You just have to be honest with yourself. It also doesn’t  hurt to know Amazon’s ASIN Creation Policies. For those of you who are listing against a pre existing listing a little bit of research and honesty (with yourself) …

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Amazon Suspected IP Complaint

Amazon | Suspected Intellectual Property Complaints

Suspected Intellectual Property Complaints on Amazon have long been thought of as insignificant marks on a sellers Account Health. More often than not there are no notifications from Amazon to a seller pertaining to these matters. Additionally there are often few suspensions pertaining directly to these issues so sellers often overlook them. However we are …

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Texas Amazon Accounts

Texas Amazon Seller Accounts | Impacted By Severe Weather

In response to the severe storms that have impacted Texas and other states in the surrounding area Amazon posted the following announcement. For Sellers whose accounts were impacted negatively Amazon offers guidance as well as protection it seems for these sellers. Per Amazon “If the storm and any resulting seller-fulfilled order issues affect your performance …

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Counterfeit Complaints

Counterfeit Complaints on Amazon | Private Label Sellers

More often than not when we sit down to discuss what Sellers are talking about, it’s the same old topics. Ip Complaints, shipping issues, Amazon’s general unresponsiveness, etc. Every once in a while sellers and Amazon do still surprise us. For instance, counterfeit complaints against Private Label Sellers where Amazon for whatever reason fails to …

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Amazon Related Accounts

When I searched for “Amazon Related Accounts” on Google I didn’t exactly find what I was looking for. Ads for account suspension services, articles about the matter from 2017 and a lot of Seller Forums. What I was looking for is what exactly is Amazon’s policy on the matter. Took a couple searches so I’ll …

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