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Amazon policies and guidelines are complex, and seemingly changing everyday. We provide Amazon Sellers clarity, strategy and resolution to the issues that affect their businesses.

Every day we advocate for Amazon Sellers and their employees. We are dedicated to getting your account back to good standing so you can get back to business as usual. Let us help you navigate the uncertain waters of the Amazon platform.

Amazon Account Suspended?

Has Amazon Suspended your Account? Removed your top selling ASIN? Has a big brand filed a baseless or valid complaint against your Account? Call us to consult with an Amazon Account Specialist.

One of Amazon’s key Leadership Principles is “Customer Obsession” and with this comes a tight grip on their platform. So if you chose to conduct business on the Amazon Marketplace it is by their terms and their terms alone. Which make the  aforementioned topics of Account Suspension, ASIN Suspension and Intellectual Property Complaints a daily endeavor. 

As the Amazon Marketplace has grown, so too has the number of independent sellers. With this the policies and guidelines to which a seller agrees to while operating on Amazon has grown and evolved. So as a seller keeping up with the latest policy changes while trying to grow your business can be difficult. Often a lapse of judgement or a simple mistake on a sellers part can lead to an account suspension. 

While the appeal process Amazon has in place can seem pretty straight forward, often navigating it is not as easy as it looks. Amazon tends to be vague with notifications and responses leaving seller’s with no idea of how to move forward. Having a team of experienced professionals help you navigate the appeals process can often save a business valuable time, money and headaches. 

Here at Amazon Account Rescue we have developed a winning strategy for dealing with Account Suspensions, ASIN Suspensions and Intellectual Property Complaints. Most Sellers will only work with one or two accounts on Amazon, but by working on literally hundreds of Amazon Seller Accounts we are able to better understand and hit on the key points that Amazon is looking for in an Appeal. 

If your Amazon Account is in trouble and your are unsure of how to proceed, seek out our guidance, consultations are always free. 

Why Partner With Us?

  • No Outsourcing

    We never outsource our clients. All cases are worked on by our in house Amazon Account Specialists or Legal Counsel.

  • Client Focused Appeals

    Our services are not a template one form fits all. We take the time to get to know our clients needs so we can provide detailed appeals to Amazon that work.

  • 24 Hour Turnaround

    Whether an Amazon Account Suspension or Intellectual Property Dispute, we provide our clients with an appeal within 24 hours of retaining our services.

  • Experience & Success

    5 years experience, hundreds of Accounts Reinstated, Hundreds of Intellectual Property Disputes resolved. Our record speaks for itself. Now let us speak to Amazon for you.

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