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Amazon Order Defect Rate

Amazon Order Defect Rate Notifications can spell trouble for any account big or small. Amazon is a customer centric company, first and foremost. So before appealing be sure to have this in the front of your mind. With Amazon’s Green, Orange, Red system it is now easier to see how your account can be negatively impacted. So be proactive and address the issues as best you can as they come in. The best practice is to ensure you are responding to all customers within 24 hours.

Amazon’s Order Defect Rate is used by Amazon over the course of a given 60 day period to determine your ability to provide a good customer experience. This measurement is determined by measuring one or more of the following areas over that time frame:

Negative Feedback

An unavoidable part of ecommerce is of course dealing with Negative Feedback. Certain Feedback, such as a negative review for late shipping for FBA Sellers Amazon will remove. Other factors sellers will have to address with the customers and try to resolve their negative experience.

Amazon has provided tools such as Feedback Manager and the Buyer-Seller Messaging Templates. It is up to you the Seller to utilize these tools to create a positive customer experience and to protect your account. Again, in these matters time is of the essence so be sure to respond to all matters as quickly as possible.

A-Z Guarantee Claims

To further enhance the customer experience Amazon directs buyers towards sellers to resolve any issues they may have with a purchase. So before an A-Z claim is filed Amazon provides sellers the opportunity to resolve matters directly with they buyer, an opportunity to protect your ODR.  Sellers are given 48 hours to respond Return Requests so be sure to be on top of these matters, this is a great way for you to prevent A-Z Claims from hitting your account health.

Knowledge is power and in this case the power to protect your account. So be sure to know what type of claims impact your account health and which do not. Additionally you’ll want to educate yourself on what situations qualify for an A-Z claim and which do not. Further details on the matter can be found here.

Now with that being said you always have to keep it in the back of your mind that Amazon is customer centric, not buyer centric. So if you have the opportunity to provide a good customer experience versus battling a buyer of a return that may be in a gray area or even in your favor. It may be, in the long term better for your seller account to provide the customer with a great experience.

Credit Card Chargebacks

To quote Amazon “A credit card chargeback is similar to an A-to-z Guarantee claim except that the credit card issuer processes the claim and makes the decision, not Amazon.”

With the A-Z Guarantee we honestly don’t see a lot of issues with Credit Card Chargeback claims. More often than not when we see these it is due to Fraud. Thankfully Amazon sees this is an issue that sellers can not address and does not count it against your Amazon Order Defect Rate.

If you found this article helpful be sure to check back as we will be discussing Suspected Intellectual Property Complaints next.

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