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Amazon | Suspected Intellectual Property Complaints

Suspected Intellectual Property Complaints on Amazon have long been thought of as insignificant marks on a sellers Account Health. More often than not there are no notifications from Amazon to a seller pertaining to these matters. Additionally there are often few suspensions pertaining directly to these issues so sellers often overlook them.

However we are seeing sellers with ASIN suspensions and we are seeing more sellers than ever before reporting account suspensions. It is always better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to these matters, so what can you do to protect your account from suspension?

Amazon | Suspected Intellectual Property Complaints | Protecting Your Account

The first thing to understand about these complaints is that they are not coming from the rights/brand owner but from Amazon directly. So unlike traditional Intellectual Property Complaints there is not contact information provided. There is no need to seek a retraction of the complaint.

If you created the ASIN in question you can either edit the listing or delete it to resolve the issue. Amazon is unlikely to point out the issue with the listing itself so you will need to identify and remove the issue on your own. The most common violation we see is improper use of a Trademark. If you are unsure you can always do a quick Trademark Search on the USPTO.

If you did not create the listing deleting it is your best option. Once you delete the ASIN it will be removed from your account and should have no adverse effect on your ability to sell. The timeline for Amazon to remove this from your Account is varied. Since there is no complainant there is typically on need for appeals unless this has lead to an account suspension. In which case you can review our article on Drafting Your Appeal.

Be sure to check back with us next week when we will discuss ASIN Suspensions on Amazon.

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