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Drafting Your Amazon Appeal Letter

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Formatting! If you only read one word or one sentence of this article, formatting is the one thing I would have you take away from this. Formatting, in my opinion and experience can often be the difference between a successful Amazon Appeal Letter and a rejection.

Formatting Your Amazon Appeal Letter

Contrary to popular belief there is someone on the other side of your appeal, reading, reviewing, judging and making a decision. Now while there is no specific time limit that I am aware of when it comes to reviewing an account. I have spoken to several Amazon employees who have confirmed they do have a quota. As such one can assume they can only spend so much time reviewing an account.

This is where formatting your Amazon Appeal Letter comes into play. Providing a detailed appeal that addresses not only the issue at hand but also provides a comprehensive solution along with preventative measures can be quite the undertaking. I have seen appeals that went on for five to six pages with dozens of attachments. Now imagine if you were on the other side and only had five minutes to review and make a determination. Do you think you could do it?

Breaking Down Your Amazon Appeal Letter

Just as this article is broken down into paragraphs and subsections, so too should your Amazon Appeal Letter. By utilizing Bold, Caps and white space you can allow the reader to easily navigate your appeal and find the information they need.

Note, the following information is pertinent to most appeals on Amazon. However this is not relevant to Intellectual Property Complaints, these appeals vary slightly.

I have found the following format to be very successful over the years:

Updated Information for 2022: For Professional Sellers there is the added addition of the CALL ME NOW button. This can be found under Performance, selecting the Account Health Page. While the information for drafting a successful appeal remains relatively unchanged, the tools Amazon provides sellers continues to grow. If there is any doubt as to why an ASIN or Account has been suspended, don’t send in an appeal.  Contact Amazon and be sure to utilize this new tool to your advantage.

Introduction: Here I will identify the store I am working with and address the notification they have received from Amazon (ie. Notification received for Inauthentic Complaint).

Primary Issue: Then I dive into the specifics of the issue, identifying any ASINs at issue.

Corrective Action: Next I layout the measure we have taken to address and resolve the issue/complaint.

Preventative Measures: The next to last part to providing Amazon with a plan going forward that will prevent similar issues from arising in the future.

Conclusion: Lastly I provide a summarization of the appeal highlighting the most important measures.

Final Thoughts

Drafting an appeal to Amazon can be quite the undertaking. Especially when your account is at risk or has been deactivated. However that first appeal can often put you on the right or wrong track. So take a breath, dig in a prepare a smartly written and formatted appeal to get your account activated as quickly as possible.

If you found this article helpful, learn how to proceed should Amazon fail to respond to your appeal. As covered in our article here.

Should appealing Amazons lower teams fail, contacting the Escalations Team is the next step.

For more tips on how to create a plan of action click here.

As Always, It Never Hurts To Ask For Help

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