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Drafting an Escalation Appeal to Amazon

You’ve received a notification from Amazon, prepared your appeal and submitted it. Only to receive virtually the same notification in response to your submission. Sound familiar? Round and round we go through the Amazon Appeal system, but don’t worry you are not alone.

What Do I Do Now?

Let’s take a moment to look at your appeal. Is it clear and concise, have you taken ownership of the issue itself? Have you offered Amazon clear resolution through both corrective action and preventive measures?

If you need assistance drafting an appeal that answers yes to these questions please check out our article Drafting Your Amazon Appeal.

Drafting an Amazon Escalation Appeal Letter

Don’t throw away that appeal just yet, you still need it. In reaching out to the escalation team you are still going to have to appeal your original notice. So clean up that appeal and make sure it looks sharp cause we are going to submit it with the escalation appeal letter.

In drafting the escalation appeal letter to I find it best to keep these appeals to about three to four paragraphs. Think of this as a cover letter to your more in depth appeal.

Start with the introduction, describing your initial efforts to resolve the issue at hand. If you have appeals to Seller Support or Notice Dispute five times with no answer, let them know.

After this I like to offer a brief summary of events or a timeline. Something that is easy to read and hits on all the key points that are featured in the appeal.

Then in conclusion let the team know what you are hoping to accomplish with your appeal. I like to take a moment to point out any and all attachments as well and why I have included them if applicable.

Making Your Submission

Once you have your appeal and escalation appeal letter prepared along with any applicable attachments you are ready to make your submission. I find it best to send the escalation appeal letter and the appeal in word format.

Before you submit your escalation appeal, make one last review and ensure all documents open as they should before sending your Amazon Appeal to

As of 2023 we have found the email to be less and less responsive. As an alternative to making your submission to this escalation team there is a Seller Support team you can reach out to for a more comprehensive review of your Account. You will no make your appeal submission to this team, however they may be able to help you identify the issue that may be your appeal isn’t.

Start by clicking the Help button at the top right corner of your Seller Account. From here scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Get Support link. From here you will have a drop down menu for Account Health. Depending on the status of your Account you may have to sift through the options to find the “What Issue Do You Need Help With” page. From here you can fill out the form. You can leave a contact number and speak to a member of Seller Support who will actually review your Account with you to pin down what needs to be addressed.

As Always, It Never Hurts To Ask For Help

Have you received an Amazon Account Suspension or Notification? We here at Amazon Account Rescue are here to discuss these matters with you.

Should you have any additional questions or wish to discuss this or any other matter please feel free to contact us at 1-800-757-0282 or at