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Amazon Restricted Product Notifications – Research and Respond

Amazon Restricted Products

Just because you can list it doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Just because someone else is selling it doesn’t mean you can. Lastly, just because its sold in every CVS, Walmart and GNC around the country doesn’t mean you can sell it on Amazon.

While there are countless ways to approach this topic and varies issues within Amazon’s Restricted Product Policies that need to be discussed. Let’s assume for the purpose of this particular article that we are past the point of no return. You have received a Restricted Product Notification from Amazon. Now what?

Research is a Sellers Best Friend

More often than not on the cases we have worked on, Amazon has actually incorrectly identified the products we have appealed as restricted. So if you have not done your due diligence on the product you have listed the best place to start is on Amazon’s Restricted Products page.

If your research of Amazon’s Restricted Products page has led you to the conclusion the product is not restricted, great news! Now lets see what else we can do to ensure your appeals is accepted and your ASIN or Account is reinstated.

Amazon Seller Forums are a great place to visit. Here you can see if other sellers are dealing with a common issue and if so, how they resolved it. If you are selling a product that is still up for other sellers, take a look at their pages to see if you notice a difference. Often times when a seller receives a notification from Amazon for Restricted Products it is due to missing information. For instance if you are both selling a supplement and your page is missing an image of the label while theirs has it. That might be your issue.

Finally, as I type this I know this will be a topic of  much dispute. However,  Amazon Seller Support does have their moments, it never hurts to reach out to them and see if they can take a  look into your case for further clarification. They just might surprise.

Preparing your Appeal

Now that you have done your research and hopefully found the issue its time to put it into an appeal. Were not going to go through a play by play of drafting an appeal here. If you need assistance in this area feel free to contact us to discuss at Amazon Account Rescue.

Depending on the product identified as restricted there is of course various information Amazon could require. So let’s just hit the highlight reel of the do’s and don’ts for your appeal.

Don’t argue the item is still up for other sellers. There are millions of listing on Amazon, some just go down before others and I can assure you this argument will not obtain reinstatement of your listing.

Don’t ignore notifications from Amazon. These will only compound and make it that much more difficult to resolve once Amazon decides to suspend your account.

Don’t rely on Amazon to do the leg work for you. Its your account and therefore your responsibility to ensure you are in compliance with all applicable laws and Amazon policies.

Do ensure you provide Amazon with proof your products are adhering to applicable laws and policies. Provide labels/images that list all ingredients. Provide any required certifications or proof of FDA approval when applicable.

Make sure your invoices from your suppliers are detailed and include all information Amazon needs to identify the product. This includes full description, item number or manufacturers number. If applicable, be sure to research any labs that may need to provide certification for the products sold. A list of approved labs can be found on Amazon Seller Central.

Lastly, when submitting your appeal to Amazon ensure all supporting documentation is original, legible and unaltered.

As Always, it Never Hurts to Ask for Help

Have you received an Amazon Account Suspension or Notification? We here at Amazon Account Rescue are here to discuss these matters with you.

Should you have any additional questions or wish to discuss this or any other matter please feel free to contact us at 1-800-757-0282 or at