Counterfeit Complaints

Counterfeit Complaints on Amazon | Private Label Sellers

More often than not when we sit down to discuss what Sellers are talking about, it’s the same old topics. Ip Complaints, shipping issues, Amazon’s general unresponsiveness, etc. Every once in a while sellers and Amazon do still surprise us. For instance, counterfeit complaints against Private Label Sellers where Amazon for whatever reason fails to …

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Related Accounts on Amazon

Amazon Related Accounts

When I searched for “Amazon Related Accounts” on Google I didn’t exactly find what I was looking for. Ads for account suspension services, articles about the matter from 2017 and a lot of Seller Forums. What I was looking for is what exactly is Amazon’s policy on the matter. Took a couple searches so I’ll …

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Condition Complaints on Amazon

We would like to thank the Law Offices of Travis Stockman, Esq. for providing the following article. While many Amazon Sellers have near flawless quality controls for their products, other sellers do not. However, even sellers with some of the most secure operations on Amazon find themselves recipients of a condition complaints. This article contains …

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Amazon Appeals

Amazon Inauthentic Complaints

Inauthentic Complaints on Amazon is a very common occurrence.  However, receiving an allegation that your product is not genuine can be alarming for sellers. However, maintaining the proper paperwork and avoiding things such as commingling can prepare you in the event this ever happens. If you have already received such a complaint, this article will …

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Amazon Trademark Infringement

Amazon Trademark Infringement

Trademark Infringement complaints have become common place on the Amazon Marketplace. Some complaints have merit, others don’t. Today I would like to zero in on one Trademark Infringement complaint I see over and over again, because with just a little attention to detail this complaint is avoidable. I am talking about complaints filed against sellers …

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